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Over the past 20 years, "Realty Window" has been published monthly and distributed freely at more than 100 locations throughout the Greater New York area. For decades, "Realty Window" has served the Chinese communities in the US East Coast regions by providing updated real estates information.

To better help real estate buyers and sellers, we dedicate this website to provide all necessary services to help buyers to find property quickly and sellers to present their property records easier to buyers.

We provide many service packages. Please contact our sales representative immediately to see how our services can help your business grow at: 718-505-8833 (DAY), Carmen: 718-869-1384 (EVENING).


For real estate brokers and agents

Use it, and you shall gain.This is the motto of Realty Window Online Service. Whether you are real estate agent, a property owner or an interested buyer, you will find something you want here. You can also put your property on our listing and join our web for 24/7 exposure at low cost. You can always contact us anytime to review, change or update your listing

For property seller

It is always easier to have your clients call and find you than the other way around. This is what Realty Window Online is here for! Over 300 real estates agents have joined our web listing and they have continue to do so for the past decades as it has been proved an effective way to get clients. There is no need to hesitate, so put your advertisement on our powerful directory now!

You have a property ready for sale? We are here to help you. With a minimal fee, your property can gain high market exposure. Furthermore enhance your listing with photos and details on Realty Window Online, and you will enhance your opportunity to find the perfect buyer without an agent.

For property buyer

Take advantage of the digital marketplace, and be an informed property buyer. Realty Window Online is here to match your criteria with our vast and updated database to find your dream property, sometimes at a relatively bargain price as they are sold by the property owners. And you know what? The best of all, the service is just one click away, free of charge.

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